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Whitefish Vacay Activity Guide

Summer + Fall // May - September

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Moderate Montana weather is some of the best Rx for the body and soul! If you’re traveling here between May and September, this is the perfect time to soak-in the outdoors. There’s no more wondering what the perfect Whitefish visit will look like… Now, you can plan your Summer or Autumn vacation with suggestions from our Whitefish Guide. Oh, and don’t forget to share your memories online with us!

Whitefish Vacay Activity Guide

In the Water / on the Beach

Whitefish City Beach - Whitefish Lake Montana - Vacay tour guid

269 lakes + abundant riverfront! Fishing. Swimming. Rafting. Boating. Surfing. Kayaking. Paddle Boarding. All the water things!

Intimate Gatherings + Dining/Drinks

Great vibes. Catered Picnics. Small Charcuterie Parties. Dance Classes. Garden Strolls. Private Events and Services. Pottery Painting. So what’s it going to be?

Whitefish Montana things to do - Picnics - Intimate Parties - Romantic - Couples - for two - Engagement - Wedding - date night Vacay

Totally Unique Experiences

Whitefish Montana - Helicopter Tour Ride - Vacay whitefish

Helicopter Tours. Single or serial flight lessons. Train Rides through the wilderness. Treetop obstacle course. What adventure will you choose?

Small, Local Markets

Flea Markets and Farmer’s Markets. Peruse through the most local of communities. See. taste, hear the authentic flavors of Whitefish, MT.

Flea or Farmer Market - Whitefish Montana - Vacay

Mountains + Woods + Wilderness

Vacay Whitefish - Hiking in Glacier National Park

Climb every mountain. By wheel or by foot you can explore our Great Rocky Mountains. Learn options, locations and where to get your gear, here!

Green Golfing

269 lakes + abundant riverfront! Fishing. Swimming. Rafting. Boating. Surfing. Kayaking. Paddle Boarding. All the water things!

Vacay Whitefish - Montana Golf Courses

The Mild or Wild Old West

Unique things to do near Whitefish Montana - Vacay Whitefish - tour guideA

Horses. Cowboys. The occasional old western town. Ready to explore the last bit of barely touched parts of the world?


Sometimes, we just want to hold on to our moments a little longer. Whether it’s just for family records, for social media, or for a special event, this is where you get the support you need.

Composite image of cropped hand of photographer holding camera
Stumptown Art Studio - Whitefish Montana - Vacay Whitefish - tour pottery decorate family fun

INDOOR THINGS // activity guide

In a perfect world, Summer means perfect weather every day. But the only thing that’s perfect every day is our service 😉 Your trip should be filled with good memories, no matter what the weather is like. That’s why we selected a list of things to do inside when the weather is less than fair. From places to shop to indoor adventures you’ll make memories even on a rainy day.

WINTER + SPRING // activity guide

Wintertime can be just as enjoyable outdoors as it is indoors, if you do it right. Between October and March, the weather starts to get colder here in Whitefish but there is still plenty to do for everyone. Pssst…Christmas and New Years in Whitefish is one of our favorite experiences! Plan your trip with suggestions from our Whitefish Guide.

Ski Whitefish Mountain Resort - Vacay Whitefish Vacation Rentals - Ski in Ski out Lodge tourist