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Is it a Good Time to Buy a Vacation Rental Investment Property?

What a time to be in real estate! As a vacation rental property management company, we work closely with real estate agents throughout Whitefish and we have to say, it’s been a busy time in this market. While many are making the move to our beautiful resort town, several home buyers are taking advantage of the market and purchasing properties they’ll be using as investment properties. The idea of purchasing...

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Hometown Pride – Bringing Communities Together

When communities host events that show hometown pride you don’t want to miss out. It’s a time to show gratitude to the community, a place for locals to express pride, and a reunion of communities joining together in celebration. May 2019 marks the 36th year for Travel and Tourism Week. Vacay Whitefish (formerly SkyRun Whitefish) is more than appreciative to the industry that keeps us trucking and wants to say...

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Time Away From Home Matters to Health and Happiness

Time away from home matters to health and happiness, and using those precious vacation days to take that dream vacation is more essential than ever! According to VRMA, “…workers who use their time off to travel, see a 22 percent jump in happiness with their health compared to those who use their days off at home (61% to 39%).” There are no right or wrong ways to use vacation days,...

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Spring Travels with Vacay Whitefish

Spring is one of the only times of year we can experience every season in a day…wake up to sunshine, eat lunch in the rain, and go to bed under a white blanket of snow. This special time of year can be wonderful to revel in and experience, but it can also be very tricky for travelers! You’re ready to get out of your Winter slump and travel to new...

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